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Our engineers stand ready to assist your demolition project. Alltec offers to execute engineered weight estimates along with verifications of existing lift attachments to determine if they still are adequate for lifting. If existing lift attachments are deemed not adequate, the Alltec Demo Trunnion Set may be the right solution for your project. Multiple trunnions in different sizes are available along with spacers and lifting bales fit different size columns. Alltec engineering group will assist to ensure each lift is engineered properly, by verifying a.o. shear and tension stresses. 

24in Trunnion Stabber into Vessel1-Iso.p
24in Trunnion Stabber into


For safe easy insertion and removal of the demo trunnion. Alltec developed the Trunnion Stabber. To place the trunnion into a column, simply (1) attach the trunnion to the stabber and hook on to the stabber, (2) fly the trunnion and stabber up to the right elevation while the stabber keeps the trunnion level, (3) place the trunnion into the column while rigging remains attached to the stabber, (4) secure the trunnion set and detach the trunnion from the stabber. Based on required capacity, the stabber may be used as multi-hole spreader bar for lifting the Column.


More information coming soon.

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