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Our in-company master classes provides you the opportunity to create a master class that completely suits the wishes of your company.


Based on the specific company wishes, Alltec will compose a one or two day master class, fully tailored and presented in company.


Together with the client we provide a presentation that perfectly fits your requirements and wishes. Subjects can be added and standard modules can be adapted out of our comprehensive database of subjects.


What to expect? Our trainers will teach you how to use a roadmap to prepare your critical lift and/or transport and what factors are key to prepare a professional lift plan and/or transport plan.

Subjects covered:



• Safety standards, guidelines and rules

• Crane types and selection of cranes

• Lifting options

• The lift planning basics

• Safety & Risk-analysis

• Lessons learned from accidents

• Check lists

• Cranes in a marine environment

• Forces, Masses and CoG

• Skidding and Jacking

• Special transport

• Maintenance & Inspection

• Extreme Load-outs