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Moon Links

Adjustability and flexibility are key to minimize potential downtime. The exact center of gravity of a load may not be known prior to lifting. Having adjustable equipment with adequate capacity enable for easy adjustment in the field so the lifting operation can continue safely. Alltec owns turnbuckles with capacities up to 37.5t but sometimes it may be beneficial to have the same functionality but with increased capacity. This is where our moon links come in. A smart hole pattern allows for fine adjustment of loads up to 300t.

Tri-Links & Multi-Hole Links

Alltec owns a wide variety of Multi-Hole Links and Tri-Link plates to enable connecting rigging components with ease. Capacities range up to 600t.

Straight Links

Alltec owns over 1000 link plates with multiple dimensions, such as drop-length, hole dimensions and capacity. The link plates pair up with our other rigging products but can also be used individually based on specific needs.