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Steel Matting

Alltec fabricates, rents and sales a wide variety of steel load spreading mats. Capacities vary based on model.


Steel Support Cans

Steel support cans are frequently used for temporary staging of equipment, cribbing of jack-n-slide operations. Steel support cans are available in standard lengths up to a WLL of 330T.

Jack & Slide Equipment


Many years of jack & slide engineering services have resulted in the development of a cost-effective alternative to the conventional jack & slide approach.

Cantilever Beams

Over the past years, Alltec has designed and fabricated cantilever bars in multiple sizes based on several concepts. From air powered, battery powered to gas powered. From chain driven to screw gear driven and the capabilities to use two cantilever beams as one joint unit with close to double the capacity. The cantilever bars can be supplied with a wired and/or wireless control based on your demands. All Alltec cantilever bars are proof load tested, fully functionally tested. Alltec provides operator trainer to get your team familiar with the equipment.