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Even though spreader bars exist for many years already, Alltec continuously innovates to make the products safer and smarter. Our ergonomic legs mounted to the spreaders contribute to ease of use. Our telescopic spreader designs increase the flexibility of use. Our modular aluminum lattice spreader reduces the tare weight to an all-time minimum for light loads. Our modular bolt up beams allow for quick adjustment for heavy loads. Our bolt-on spreader design enables you to re-assemble (4) spreaders into (1) frame.

Pipe Spreaders

Alltec pipe spreaders range from 4” pipe to 36” pipe. Capacities range from as little as a few Ton up to well over 1000Ton. However, many times it is not (just) the capacity but the length what matters. Alltec carries spreader bars with a WLL over 500T at 70ft. Specially designed adaptors enable combining (2) pipe spreaders into (1) spreader with close to double the capacity of a single-spreader. End cap designs vary from slip-on and bolt-on to 2-hole and 1-hole designs with a wide variety of link plates. Examples of available link plates are straight links, 90-degree link plates, rolling-block connectors, and multi-hole link plates.

Adjustable Telescopic Spreader

If you have multiple lifts coming up requiring spreader bar lengths in a similar range, then the Alltec adjustable telescopic spreader bars are your best fit. No need to change pipe insert in between lifts, no need to change out a bolted insert. Just lower the spreader on its legs, adjust the length and secure the lock pins again prior to lifting. Alltec carries adjustable telescopic spreader bars from 8ft-12ft to 35ft-55ft with WLL’s varying from 50T to 250T. 

B.U.B. Bolt up Bar

Alltec’s patented Modular Lifting Beams are designed to meet the needs within the industry to set modular components with ease.  The beams are accompanied by the “Bolt-Up Beam Calculator” which determines the exact capacities based on the configuration, lifting load, and location of CG.  The program is especially essential in the case of offset CG's, where rigging plans become difficult. The software enables on-site personnel to perform lifts in a precise manner with minimal down time. A wide variety of associates are available to meet specific project needs such as (multi-hole) link plates and rolling-block connectors.

Aluminum Lattice Spreader

Alltec aluminum lattice spreader is designed and built to provide solutions to lifting operations when weight is of the essence. With the heaviest spreader component being only 43Lbs all components can be hand-carried. The lattice design creates a rigid structure with exceptional bending and compression structural properties.  Due to its modular design endless configurations can be built and because all connections are pinned-connections there is no need for power-tools to reconfigure. Past projects include spreader bar assemblies of up to 60ft with 6 pick points. Contact Alltec to learn more about the capabilities.