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Using spreader frames typically reduces the rigging length. Alltec spreader frames are unique due to the swivel lug design incorporated in the frame caps. Rarely the required frame design is a perfect square. The swivel lugs eliminate side loading of the lugs and consequential stresses in the caps and pipes. Regardless of the frame dimensions and location of center of gravity, the lugs will swivel towards the crane hook. Alltec spreader frames go up to a WLL of 800T.

Fixed Spreader Frames

Alltec carries a large volume of frame caps and pipe/tubing inserts in stock in various sizes. Load charts are available for the different sizes and sling fleet angles. The rated frame capacities will be marked on the insert prior to shipment.

Adjustable Spreader Frames

Our product line of adjustable frames enables you to change the frame dimension without having to switch out the inserts. Overall shipping dimensions are kept to a minimum by shipping the frames in telescoped-in position.

Good to know! Alltec adjustable frame inserts match the standardized flange pattern of Alltec adjustable spreader bars. Our spreader bar end-caps can be bolted onto the frame inserts. In other words, (1) adjustable frame consisting out of (4) adjustable inserts, can be easily transferred onsite into (4) adjustable spreader bars.