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Alltec Lifting Systems is more than just a bare rigging equipment company.  We deliver hundreds of years of experience in auxiliary equipment design, engineering and supply, customer service and complete heavy lift/ heavy haul solutions.

Whether you need to bare rent some last minute rigging components or getting prepared for your project, Alltec stands ready to assist. Alltec offers to be involved in the early phases of project planning because clients are seeing and reaping the benefits of having a heavy lift/ heavy haul expert to guide them through the completion of a successful project. 

To better serve you and your project, Alltec has four areas of expertise: 

Rigging Solutions, Design & Construct, Access & Lightweight Solutions, and Engineering & Consultancy.  


rigging solutions

Have you received rigging equipment that does not meet your equipment needs? Or how about spending hours of downtime to change out equipment because the equipment was not easily adjustable between lifts? Alltec will review your project and provide you with a completely engineered rigging solution to not only cut downtime but minimize risks and stay within budget.  

design & construct

Does your project require a custom (lifting) device or are you considering adding equipment to your inventory? Alltec has a track record designing and constructing cantilever bars, gantries, specialized lifting tools, custom jack & slide equipment, baskets, and staging equipment.

access & lightweight solutions

When your project requires an ultra-light solution, we offer a product line of aluminum modular items. Yes, each individual item can be hand-carried! The rigid lattice structure makes these items ideal for light weight lifting and engineered scaffolding alternatives resulting in significant time savings.    

engineering & ConsultANCY

Did you know our engineering expertise go beyond rigging drawings? Alltec services include barging, transport and lift engineering solutions, equipment design solutions (including FEA and fatigue analysis), and third-party independent reviews. In addition to in-house engineering services, we provide on-site Subject Matter Expert (SME) services to oversee crane related activities. Furthermore, Alltec is now providing consultancy services to clients from start to finish.

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